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Why the Buffalo Bills Will Win Super Bowl XLIV

Article By on 21st June, 2009

... at the end of the 2009 Season (2010 Superbowl).

How can I say this with all the other teams that appear so much more likely, when it's not a given the Bills will even make the playoffs or even beat their 7-9 record of the past three seasons?

Will TO set a new touchdown reception record? Will Trent Edwards, with the help of TO end up the highest rated passer in the league? Will the draft reinforced defense resemble the great Bills defenses under Bruce Smith and Cornelius Bennett. Will a sleeper emerge, an undrafted free agent perhaps, who becomes the next marquis player?

Any of this could happen, or none of it. It doesn't matter. This is why the Bills will win this year.

The first African American President...

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