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Chan, Uncle Ralphie, Cousin Buddy, and the Buffalo Bills in the Land of Oz

Published on: 10th May, 2010

It's true: I'm shameless. Last year, around this time, I pimped an article by heading it "Bills Win Superbowl." This year, some word play with the names of people we would rather not be the ones upon whose shoulders our team and city's fate now rests, is my best shot at ...

Don’t Fill Out The Buffalo Bills’ Change of Address Cards Just Yet

Published on: 6th January, 2010

There's one phrase I'm sick to death of reading or hearing in the press, relative to the Buffalo Bills' coaching search: "The situation in Buffalo is too uncertain with the age of owner Ralph Wilson and the likelihood that the franchise will relocate after his death." I don't know why it is ...

Give Me Ten Minutes With Bill Cowher and He’ll Come To Buffalo

Published on: 5th January, 2010

That's right, give me 10 minutes with Coach Cowher. I don't care where, as long as I have a monopoly on his attention and he can't leave until I've had my say. Put me in the urinal next to him, on an elevator with him, in a shared cab—it doesn't matter. ...

Another Opportunity For Jim Kelly to Bring Buffalo Bills a Lombardi

Published on: 27th December, 2009

Remember when Head Coach Dick Jauron was fired and Bills owner Ralph Wilson pledged to spend $10 million per year to get an A-List coach and GM? Remember when Mr. Wilson interviewed Mike Shanahan and contacted Bill Cowher? It appeared he was determined to do whatever it took to get good football minds ...

Buffalo Bills’ Resurgence Will be Built on Superbowl Winners, No Excuses, No Exceptions

Published on: 29th November, 2009

Bill Polian is responsible for assembling the best NFL teams of the past two decades. As General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts, Polian created the alchemy of team chemistry and individual talent involving players and coaches that resulted in the Colts two 10-0 starts in the 00's, and culminated in ...

Buffalo Bills Fans Patience Runs Thin in Wait for Messiah This Holiday Season

Published on: 29th November, 2009

I would venture that a higher percentage of the population of Buffalo, NY actively follows their professional sports teams than any major league city in North America. This is especially true of Buffalo’s women, who may be more knowledgeable and fanatical about football and hockey than any women in the ...

Jerry Jones and The Temple of Doom: Dallas vs. Buffalo for America’s Team

Published on: 18th September, 2009

Are the Dallas Cowboys still America’s team, or are they America’s bad dream? I watched Jerry Jones show off the monument he has built to American excess, on the Today Show this morning. It struck me as hauntingly ironic that Dallas, one of the demographic icons of the excesses and extravagance of ...

Buffalo Bills Fans: Why Toronto is Your Friend (Maybe)

Published on: 18th August, 2009

The future of the Buffalo Bills is a constant topic of conversation in Bills Country, and when it's not being discussed out loud, it is more often than not in the back of the minds of those who are thinking or discussing anything having to do with the NFL in ...

Re Michael Vick: Lose the Hypocrisy and Double Standards!

Published on: 30th July, 2009

A few days ago, a member of the Buffalo Bills Fans group at the social networking site, Linked In, proposed on the discussion page, that Buffalo sign Michael Vick. The overwhelming majority of comments received was enthusiastically positive. The essence of comments, as a composite, was that Buffalo would be a good place ...

Buffalo Bills: A Super Bowl Win Will Surprise Us All

Published on: 19th July, 2009

Is it possible we all knew at some deep level that the K-Gun would not bring the Lombardi trophy to Buffalo? It would have been too predictable, especially the first year. The Bills dominated the league throughout the season, beat the Raiders by a half century in the Conference Championship. It ...

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