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What Will the 2009 Season Hold for Colts’ Quarterback Peyton Manning?

Article By on 3rd July, 2009

... it's understandable that Colts fans would begin to wonder what the 2009 season holds for their beloved Indianapolis Colts. It's also logical to assume that one would wonder what the 2009 season will hold for Peyton Manning.

Many might be inclined to believe that the answer to the two above mentioned questions would (or should) be the same according the overall result.

But it wouldn't be.

In an age when many people tend to blend individual success with team accomplishment, it's often easy to lose sight of how well an individual player might perform.

Football is a team game, we all know that.

We also all know that no one gets there by themselves, so before cries of unwarranted homerism begin to bombard this a...

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