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JaMarcus Russell: Better NFL Prospect Than We Thought?

Published on: 3rd November, 2010

Much has been made as of late about JaMarcus Russell and how poor of a prospect many fans and analysts feel him to be. Labeled as the "greatest draft bust in NFL history" by some, Russell has continued to be ridiculed and criticized for his performance on the field and ...

Why the Colts Should Pursue a Trade for Vikings’ QB Sage Rosenfels

Published on: 20th August, 2010

The Indianapolis Colts have to do something. Anything. Nothing should be their last option; the aforementioned should be their first. They need another quarterback desperately. Five completions during an exhibition game against the Buffalo Bills is not enough to warrant holding onto this belief that Curtis Painter is the best possible second-option to Peyton ...

Ryan Michael’s Top 10 Quarterbacks Heading Into The 2010 NFL Season

Published on: 4th August, 2010

With just days remaining before the first preseason game of the 2010 NFL season, it is time to take a look at the Top 10 passers the league has to offer this year. Last season bared witness to a plethora of productive passing, and while it might not be logical to ...

Some Well-Deserved ‘Positive Press’ for Chad Ochocinco & Terrell Owens

Published on: 29th July, 2010

The media has to stop being so negative. At the very least, take the condescendence down a notch or two. If you're a fan of professional football, by now I'm sure you're well aware that the NFL's hottest free agent, Terrell Owens, has agreed to terms with the Cincinnati Bengals. A great player ...

Why Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts Need To Sign Terrell Owens Immediately

Published on: 8th June, 2010

It just needs to be done. It won't, and the team will probably be fine in spite of another missed opportunity—but sometimes you need to step out of your comfort-zone and realize that life in the NFL doesn't have to be as hard as it might seem to be sometimes. That is ...

Jay Cutler’s Debut Year With the Chicago Bears: The Silver Lining Found Within

Published on: 14th March, 2010

Disappointment? I'm sure it's a word that has been both on the minds of Bears fans and on the tongues of sports-writers. After the blockbuster trade that landed Jay Cutler in Chicago last season, expectations were high. Understandably so. The Bears gave up two first-round draft selections, a third-round draft selection, and quarterback Kyle Orton ...

The NFL MVP Announcement Date: Why the Lack of Information?

Published on: 9th January, 2010

Who is the 2009 NFL MVP? Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Philip Rivers, or Chris Johnson? We don't know yet. When will they announce the winner of this prestigious award? Nobody seems to know; and that's a problem. For those who might not follow, the Associated Press announces the winner of the NFL MVP ...

Who Will Win the NFL MVP Award?: Peyton Manning Appears Most Deserving

Published on: 7th January, 2010

It is without question the greatest honor an individual player can earn in the National Football League. It is the Associated Press' NFL league MVP award and it is given to the absolute best player the NFL has to offer. Or at least, that is the intent. No, it's not the top goal ...

Indianapolis Colts Set an NFL Record with Their 22nd Consecutive Victory

Published on: 13th December, 2009

History has been made. The Indianapolis Colts won their 22nd consecutive regular season game with a 28-16 victory over the Denver Broncos, breaking the previous record of 21 held by the 2006-08 New England Patriots. Yes, it is the regular season but in so doing, the Colts have managed to ...

Vince Young and the Circumstantial Nature of Winning in the NFL

Published on: 24th November, 2009

He's a winner, plain and simple. Have you ever heard someone say that "you can put up all the flashy numbers you want but at the end of the say, it is the W that is most important"? Well if that is true, feast your eyes upon one of the league's most ...

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