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The Top Five: Best Head Coaches in the NFL

Article By on 17th July, 2009

... much of the criticism a head coach deserves for the fate of his team.

After all, it is his team. He is the go-to guy and the man making all of the decisions. But on the other hand, he's not out on the field, so why should he get the credit?

Similar to most debates in the world of football, it will never see an end.

However, there is something to be said for a head coach and the way the team plays—especially if that coach also happens to take on the role of calling the plays, as a lot of head coaches are doing these days.

Either way, a coach will always receive the blame when the team doesn't play well, but never enough of the credit when they are.

It's a thankless job, really. Facing long hours at night and...

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