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Philadelphia Eagles Cornerback Ellis Hobbs To Retire Due to Neck Injury

Published on: 21st February, 2011

According to Adam Caplan of, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs will be forced to retire from the NFL after sustaining his second serious neck injury in as many years. "(Hobbs) will retire because of his second serious neck injury in the past two seasons," ...

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants: Reactions from Miraculous Week 15 Win

Published on: 19th December, 2010

First of all, that was the most incredible comeback by this franchise I've ever seen (thank you Matt Dodge). The Eagles scored 28 points in the final eight minutes after going down 31-10. I'm about to point out a lot of bad things, but one thing that can be said ...

Philadelphia Eagles: NFL Officials Showing Prejudice Against Michael Vick?

Published on: 3rd December, 2010

We all watch the same game, and we all see the same hits. Michael Vick releases the ball down-field and gets popped either too high, too low, or late, forcing him to the ground. He writhes in pain for a few seconds, but shakes himself off and gets up.Not a ...

Philadelphia Eagles: Could Sean McDermott Be Out As Defensive Coordinator?

Published on: 28th October, 2010

I've been saying for a few weeks now that it's time for Sean McDermott's tenure as defensive coordinator to come to an end, and now it looks like others are not only starting to hop on the bandwagon but believing McDermott could really be on the way out."There is no ...

Angelo Cataldi and “Dirty 30” Are a Disgrace to Philly

Published on: 2nd October, 2010

All hail Angelo Cataldi, king of that "vocal minority."Angelo Cataldi is an idiot. A jackass, if you will. In a media market filled largely with writers who think "Concrete Charlie" is the guy who did their driveways last Summer, Cataldi continuously finds ways to stand out as the worst in ...

Eagles’ Andy Reid Making a Huge Mistake Not Starting Reggie Wells

Published on: 2nd October, 2010

During the first quarter and a half of the Philadelphia Eagles' game against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, Michael Vick was under constant pressure from the middle of the offensive line and was running for his life.Then, from the middle of the second quarter on, something changed and Vick suddenly ...

Philadelphia Eagles: Andy Reid Names Michael Vick Starting Quarterback

Published on: 21st September, 2010

The Kevin Kolb era in Philadelphia is over. Kolb has been sent to the bench in favor of Michael Vick, who will be the Eagles starter for the remainder of the 2010 season.According to sources, Reid simply thought Vick was playing too well to sit. He is apparently still of the ...

Michael Vick Vs. Kevin Kolb Should Have Happened in Training Camp

Published on: 20th September, 2010

After Michael Vick's masterful performance over the past game and a half, and Kevin Kolb's disastrous debut, the talk of Vick vs. Kolb has not only taken over the discussion in Philadelphia, but all over the country.And while it's fun for the national media and the fans of the other ...

Philadelphia Eagles’ MLB Stewart Bradley Claims He’s Not Having Headaches

Published on: 14th September, 2010

Early Tuesday, a tweet popped up from Stewart Bradley asking if anyone had any home remedies for headaches. The obvious assumption was that Bradley was suffering headaches related to the concussion he suffered Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.Well, apparently that wasn't the case. According to Bradley, his publicist jumped ...

Philadelphia Eagles Sign Owen Schmitt to Replace Leonard Weaver

Published on: 13th September, 2010

As everyone feared, Leonard Weaver is done for the season. Head coach Andy Reid labeled it a "severe" ACL injury and wouldn't say one way or another if the injury is career threatening."Well, they’re going to have to get in there and see exactly [what is wrong with it]," Reid ...

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