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The Top Five: Best 4-3 Defensive Tackles in the NFL

Article By on 29th June, 2009

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They are the first line, and they're the tone-setters. Their play can determine the difficulty or ease of the linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties behind them.

If the line is playing well and keep the linebackers clean, odds are that team will be fairly successful. If they're not, their respective team is looking at a very long day.

They're the biggest guys on the field and their only intention is to make sure that the other big guys across from them don't move them. They growl, they snot, and they snarl just to defend that six inches of ground.

The trenches. It's the reason why we love football and what makes it such a man's man of a sport. Giving up or keeping that six inches can be the dif...

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