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The Al Davis Thoughts: Do You Think Al Could Be Worse?

Article By on 3rd July, 2009

... these are the descriptive words that can be used to describe Al Davis that can be printed.

Time and again people will make the comment that Al Davis is destroying the team, doing all the wrong things, living in the past...some would accuse him of ruining the California budget, if they could find evidence supporting it.

But what a lot of people fail to realize...things could be a whole lot worse. For your amusement and debate, I present the current situations...and how they could be a whole lot worse.

First of all, was Al's spending spree in 2008.

Al Davis went out and spent about a quarter of a billion dollars to field a team for Lane Kiffin. Sadly, Kiffin apparently could have cared less, set this model ...

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