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Oakland Raiders: Never Tell Me The Odds; Sometimes Even Vegas Has a Bad Day

Published on: 2nd October, 2010

Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans. If you read into this game much over the last week, the guys in Vegas would call it Houston by four. Fair, considering the Texans have only lost to the Cowboys, last week, while Oakland had three chances to win and lost by one to the Cards. But, considering ...

Oakland Raiders: Can Oakland Regain Their Form vs. the Houston Texans?

Published on: 30th September, 2010

Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans. Two teams who came into last week's game with high hopes. Both teams left their games, shocked and stunned, for different reasons. For the Raiders, the hope was that the team would win, go to 2-1 and put themselves into position to challenge the Chiefs after ...

Oakland Raiders: Jason Campbell’s in Free Fall, but How Far Can He Drop?

Published on: 24th September, 2010

Back in April, when Jason Campbell got his wish and was dealt from the Washington Redskins to the Raiders for a future draft pick, media outlets hailed it as a great move for Oakland, a sign that the team was moving forward. They also trumpeted the Raiders again after JaMarcus ...

Oakland Raiders in Week 2: By The Odds, Looking For The Win

Published on: 19th September, 2010

Ok, Week 1 went as expected. A Week 1 loss occurred, predicted, by most fans. Hey, more than a few of us would have loved a Week 1 win, but odds were not exactly in our favor. However, a week two tilt against the Rams might be just what the ...

Oakland Raiders: Rolando McClain…Time for You to Play the Gatekeeper!

Published on: 12th September, 2010

Some have to wonder, is this what the Raiders had in mind when their pick was announced during the first round of the draft? Week one, against the Titans. Chris Johnson, getting the ball, runs towards the line. With a stutter-step, he slips between a tackle and guard, rams into Kirk Morrison, ...

Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders’ Scrubs Fall to 49ers on Late Drive

Published on: 29th August, 2010

If an injury was to ever put a damper on a hometown crowd, Oakland's injury to Jason Campbell was a bit one. In the second quarter, Oakland's offensive line let through a linemen, causing another sack for Campbell, but this one caused Jason to be on the ground for five minutes. As ...

2010 Oakland Raiders Training Camp: Injuries Start To Worry Some

Published on: 25th August, 2010

Going back to last preseason, Chaz Schilens was looked at as a horrible twist of fate. A good, talented player, he had a problem of not being able to be truly, fully healthy. Missing a good number of games, he did return in time to give the team 29 catches ...

2010 Oakland Raiders: Can They Trust The Defense to Win Games?

Published on: 20th August, 2010

In a different decade, the Raiders were known for being brutal, with the ability to control a game by either killing the clock on offense, or by using the defense and denying the opposing team a chance to move the ball. In recent years, the Raiders have had a good secondary, ...

Oakland Raiders: 2010 Training Camp and Game Recap Against Dallas

Published on: 14th August, 2010

From training camp to their first preseason game, Oakland has had a busy week preparing for the season. Early on, injuries limited a variety of players, some of which carried over to the preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford, and several others were unable to participate in ...

Oakland Raiders Training Camp 2010: Week In Review

Published on: 8th August, 2010

Well, the first full week of practice is in the books, folks. The Raiders started practicing in pads, started taking the lessons to heart, and kicked off training camp in earnest in California, ready to shrug off the previous seasons' decay and dust. For the Raiders, new blood mixed with veterans, looking ...

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