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Playoff Quarterbacks Who Wouldn’t Cut It Elsewhere

Article By on 29th June, 2009

... are fortunate to be surrounded by such class and talent, that even after their worst performance, they can still chalk one up in the victory column. Others Quarterbacks, no matter how great they play, find themselves dealt the Sisyphean task of winning with a defense, receivers, or offensive line weaker than a wet tissue. Today, rather than delving into the “Archie Manning Dillema”, lets talk about the playoff QB’s who most likely would not make the playoffs, if they played someplace else. Quarterbacks were choosen only from the 12, 2008 playoff qualifying teams. The Question: Based off of each QB's 2008 performance, which quarterbacks would most likely miss the post-season, if playing on a team with a mediocre supporting cast? ...

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