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Breaking News: Malcolm Jenkins, New Orleans Saints Reach a Deal

Published on: 10th August, 2009

Sports Illustrated reported that Malcolm Jenkins was signed by the New Orleans Saints to a five-year deal, the financial terms of which have yet to be released.  Jenkins was the 14th overall selection in the 2009 NFL draft and the first cornerback taken off the board. Malcolm Jenkins possesses great change ...

Playoff Quarterbacks Who Wouldn’t Cut It Elsewhere

Published on: 29th June, 2009

Ahhhh, the blessed and the cursed... Some NFL QB’s are fortunate to be surrounded by such class and talent, that even after their worst performance, they can still chalk one up in the victory column. Others Quarterbacks, no matter how great they play, find themselves dealt the Sisyphean ...

New Orleans Saints: Tormenting the Nerds

Published on: 23rd June, 2009

Over the span of three seasons, the New Orleans Saints have been unable to compete against the NFL's quality ball clubs. Much like a school house bully, the Saints have been targeting the "nerdy kids" of the NFL (Lions, Chiefs, Raiders, and others). Although lacking many trademarks of the bullies arsenal, ...

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