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My 2009 NFL Season (And Postseason) Picks

Article By on 10th August, 2009

... The machine continues to roll with Wonder Boy back.

Miami—(9-7) They aren't as good as their 11-5 season, but they are somewhere in between. Wildcat will work at times, and at least make them fun to watch.

NY Jets—(8-8) Spend a lot of money, but get little results. They did nicely in FA and Mark Sanchez will get the hell hyped out of him. Personally, I hope he falls flat on his face, but they'll have excues for him if he does.

Buffalo Bills—(6-10) Desperate times (Toronto anyone?) call for desperate action (T.O.). He'll be a good soldier, until they start to lose, which they will. Then the **** will hit the fan, as always.

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