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Breaking News: Brett Favre Did Not Invent Football

Article By on 22nd June, 2009

... much Disney stock does Brett Favre have in his portfolio? The way their subsidiary ESPN talks, you would think Favre was the company's majority shareholder.

Enough with this guy already. He's finished. Ask any Jets fan.

But ESPN won't let go. NEWSFLASH: He did not invent the game of football. Every day, ESPN dedicates hours to following the Brett Favre "saga." I say: Who the hell cares?

Viking fans? They should be protesting the signing of this guy! Do they think he is actually going to get them to the next level? They better think again. He's done!

For years, Favre tortured Viking fans as a Packer. Now he will do it as a Viking.

Think of it this way, they've played 43 Super Bowls in NFL history....

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