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Are the New York Jets Relying Too Much on Their Rookies?

Published on: 6th May, 2010

Unproven Players Being Asked to Play Integral Roles The Jets' recent draft consisted of four players: a cornerback, an offensive lineman, a running back and a fullback. Four positions most teams need to fill and the four players most may have taken to fill them. ...

New York Giants Have Decisions To Make On Special Teams

Published on: 5th May, 2010

Feagles' Retirement Causes Rippling Effect Of Change Rookie mini-camp was especially important to Giants’ special teams coach Tom Quinn (above). He doesn’t normally draw the attention of the media pool at Timex, but at this point in time, he has suddenly become a person of interest. Punter Jeff ...

Giants’ Jeff Feagles Could Be First Punter Elected To Canton

Published on: 5th May, 2010

NFL's "Good Guy" May Get Long-Awaited Distinction The NFL has had some great punters. In the 1970’s there was Raiders’ Ray Guy, who could boot the ball to the moon. He is considered the forerunner of all things punting in this league, and when he retired, he was the ...

Can’t Judge NY Giants’ Draft By Rookie Camp Alone

Published on: 5th May, 2010

2-Day Camp Gives Little Indication of What Lies Ahead   There has been quite a bit bit of grumbling on the net about the Giants’ latest draft class being a weak group. Some say GM Jerry Reese is leaving too much to chance by taking players with so little football ...

Fewell Vows To Bring Swagger Back To NY Giants Defense

Published on: 5th May, 2010

Quarterbacks Best Beware as Giants Return to Pressure Package It’s only been a few rookie mini-camp practices, but so far, Perry Fewell is providing the push the Giants defense needs. According to reports, Fewell was screaming, jumping up and down, yelling at, and chasing players, all in an ...

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Faces Off with Bloggers

Published on: 5th May, 2010

Commish Encourages Fan Participation in All Forms Commissioner Roger Goodell held an Q&A with representatives from the popular blog mill SB Nation on the final day of the NFL Draft here in NYC. Most NFL teams rebuff bloggers and deny them media access mainly because they cannot ...

2010 New York Jets: One Ball, Many Options

Published on: 5th May, 2010

Mark Sanchez has plenty of receivers to choose from. One might think the Jets are all about defense because Rex Ryan, the defensive mastermind, is their head coach. Wrong. The Jets have been building a formidable offense the past few seasons. It starts, ...

Plain and Simple, Joe Klecko Belongs in Canton

Published on: 29th March, 2010

I don't usually get involved with Hall-of-Fame campaigns, but recently I have become fed-up with the continual exclusion of Joe Klecko's name from the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame ballot. I realize any campaign is political in nature. There's a lot of work to generate a buzz and ...

Clemson Has Two Gifts for the NFL

Published on: 22nd March, 2010

Ford and Spiller. Sounds like an expensive law firm, doesn’t it? Clemson will be sending two explosive players to the NFL this season by those names: WR Jacoby Ford and RB C.J.Spiller. Ford is the fastest player in the draft and Spiller is that franchise running back that teams froth at the ...

NFL 2010: Giants Set To Return With An Impact

Published on: 9th March, 2010

Again, I am embroiled with other pundits across the Internet and in barrooms over the value of rookies. This year, the Giants will be looking for an inside linebacker in the draft (or in free agency) to become the centerpiece of their defense.  To ask a rookie to step in ...

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