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Apocalypse When?: How the New England Patriots Dynasty Will End

Article By on 21st June, 2009

... and mockingly flapped his arms, flying around Alltel Stadium, it was confirmed.

After Bill Belichick and his father Steve were bathed with Gatorade, there was no doubt.

Any shadow of doubt is forever put into light by NFL Films, showing Willie McGinest holding a mock copy of the next day's Patriots Football Weekly, with radio play-by-play announcer Gil Santos putting a stamp on Super Bowl XXXIX.

"Back-to-back, three out of four! Yes, it's a dynasty."

The New England Patriots, led by future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, are this decade's dynasty. Any other claim can be refuted with strong statistical information. The question is not whether they are or not.

The question is, when will it end?
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