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Not Done Yet: New England Patriots Still Looking For Defensive Help

Published on: 10th August, 2009

Apparently the Super Bowl-favorite New England Patriots are not done shopping yet. According to Michael Lombardi of, the Patriots have about an 80 percent chance of landing veteran defensive end Kevin Carter. Also according to the Patriots have also had a meeting with another veteran defensive end: Vonnie Holliday. This ...

New England Patriots Acquire Derrick Burgess: The Scary Get Scarier

Published on: 6th August, 2009

In a move sure to send 31 other NFL teams searching for a safe rock to hide under, the New England Patriots traded undisclosed draft picks to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for veteran pass rusher and two-time Pro Bowler Derrick Burgess. The trade effectively puts an end to any remaming ...

Top 10 NFL Preseason Storylines

Published on: 5th August, 2009

It's hard to believe, but the world is just a week away from watching one of the most intense, pulse-pounding, and life-altering four-week spectacles in all of the world: Preseason football. Not convinced? Ask a fifth-round pick's opinion of it, and chances are you will hear the same description. If the prelude ...

Antwaan Randle El: The Freshman Who Changed a Program

Published on: 28th July, 2009

If you graze through Indiana University football's history books, chances are you won't be blown away. You won't find a National Championship, many Rose Bowl appearances, or a Heisman Trophy winner. The names Trent Green, Adawale Ogunleye, and Anthony Thompson may not ring a bell. What you will find is a ...

The 10 Best and Worst One-Game Careers in NFL History

Published on: 1st July, 2009

Making it into the NFL is hard. Becoming a full-time starter in the league is even harder. Of all of the players who have been fortunate enough to fulfill their dreams and make it to the big stage, 1,167 have only appeared in one game. Most of those players appear on special ...

13-Year-Old Evan Berry Commits to Tennessee: Progress or Problem?

Published on: 29th June, 2009

As puberty begins to run its course and adolescence starts its full swing, 13-year-old Evan Berry has already decided where he wants to play big-time college football. Berry, the younger brother of current Tennessee safety Eric Berry, told Yahoo! Sports that he plans to follow in his brother's footsteps and play ...

The 10 Worst New England Patriots of the Decade

Published on: 26th June, 2009

The New England Patriots have, in the minds of many, cemented themselves as the team of the decade. In that time, there have been some hallowed names to grace Gillette Stadium’s field; Tom Brady, Tedy Bruschi, and Troy Brown have no doubt become legends of New England lore, and ...

Apocalypse When?: How the New England Patriots Dynasty Will End

Published on: 21st June, 2009

After Rodney Harrison clutched his second interception and mockingly flapped his arms, flying around Alltel Stadium, it was confirmed. After Bill Belichick and his father Steve were bathed with Gatorade, there was no doubt. Any shadow of doubt is forever put into light by NFL Films, showing Willie McGinest holding a mock ...

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