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An Open Letter to Brett Favre: Et Tu Brete?

Article By on 18th June, 2009

... of un-retiring yet again, and playing for the Vikings. The Vikings, Brett? What are you thinking? Have you no self-respect? Have you no sense of loyalty, decency, honor?

All those years in Green Bay. You became the persona of the team, the icon, the hero. Even in your later years, the fans were patient and were thankful that you were still giving it your all.

So, why, after all of that, would you have any desire to play anywhere else? Doesn't loyalty count for anything anymore?

I realize this letter is one year late, but the idea of you playing in Minnesota has prompted me to say what I should have said in the first place, a year ago: How could you?

It can't be for the money. Or did your portfolio take such a dive at...

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