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You Know You Have One…Just Admit It. Who’s Your Man Crush?

Article By on 29th June, 2009

... the mill, heterosexual man. I love a few sports, watch most of them, and consider myself a pretty devoted sports fanatic.

But it took just a little while for me to realize, as un-heterosexual as it may sound, that I have quite a few so-called, "man crushes."

But I actually found out, amongst my circle of married and single male friends, that they were dealing with the exact same feelings. Some were obviously more willing to "crush" than others. Others were on their way to cheating on their significant others with their mental man crush.

It certainly doesn't help when your wife is making fun of you and your infatuation with another dude.

But here I was, looking at these men, and thinking..."man, if only I could get them in...

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