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Wipe Away the Tears, Please: CBSSports, Bleacher Report Got It Right

Article By on 15th July, 2009

... the past two months, chances are you've probably heard the combination of the following three words used together a few times: CBSsports, Correspondent, and NFL.

Back in May, b/r announced that they were teaming up with CBSsports to form the NFL Correspondent's network. The plan, in theory, was that CBSsports was going to hire 32 b/r writers to fill these positions.

What actually happened?

CBSsports hired 16 b/r writers and 16 qualified individuals from outside of the b/r network. Of the 16 from b/r, only 14 were able to accept the job due to personal circumstances.

Minutes after the results were announced, people on this site began to cry like a teenage girl who had just seen Titanic for the first time.

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