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William Clay Ford Speaks Out: Sincerity, Subterfuge, or Stupidity?

Article By on 27th June, 2009

... to a William Clay Ford press conference.

When the Lions owner, generally reclusive in nature, does step into the limelight, no matter how briefly, it’s difficult to determine what to take from it.

He says the right things for the most part.

He wants to win. The fans deserve better. Things are changing for the better. He’s the one accountable for the team.

And so on. He’s mending fences, at one of the two times per year he typically does so: when the season has gone down the tubes and he expresses mild disappointment (akin in severity to the disappointment expressed when one fails to win the lottery, only Ford plays with 1/32 odds every year), and now: the season ticket marketing blitz.

This ye...

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