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Wildcat Formation: Was It Really Just a Fad?

Article By on 24th June, 2009

... of questions. 

Is Peyon Manning confused?  Why is he awkwardly in a WR stance split out wide?  Doesn't he know he's arguably one of the best QBs in the game, not a WR?  Does he have a childhood fantasy of playing a position other than QB?  And did he really play well enough last year to be voted into the Pro-Bowl.

To answer all your question:  Probably,  Because of the "WildCat(or WildHog) formation, not sure, maybe, and not really.

What is the "Wildhog" exactly? Well its a trick play that roughly consists of two RBs in the backfield,  at least one who can throw the ball.  Usually a QB split out wide like Manning in the picture with two real WR opposite the formation and a T...

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