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Wild NFL Weekend Muddles Playoff Picture

Article By on 16th November, 2009

... the second, generally playoff races start to clarify.

Not necessarily what all six playoff spots per conference will end up being, but you usually start seeing the front runners start cropping up while other teams fall by the wayside. 

The good teams begin winning the games they are supposed to win, while the under-talented overachievers have their shortcomings catch up with them. As of right now, Week 10 served to turn a number of playoff races on their ears instead and make things even more confusing. This is especially true in the NFC, where a 9-7 team may just have a shot at that 6th seed at this point. Here’s a look at how the games of this week affected the playoff outlook (omitting irrelevant games, a la the Lions/Vikin...

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