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Why The Carolina Panthers Are Lucky to Have John Fox

Article By on 17th July, 2009

... coach that will dazzle viewers and fans with offensive genius. His teams won't light up the scoreboard or set the league on fire, but they'll get the job done. And on any given Sunday, more often than not, that equates to a win.

It amazes me that, in this day and age, so many fans are willing to get rid of a coach so quickly. The playoff game against Arizona was a disaster, but let's look at the bigger picture here.

First of all, in seven seasons under Fox, not once have we done worse than 7-9. Think about that. Sure it's mediocre, but we've never had an awful season with him as coach.

He has a strong overall record. He's 63-49 in the regular season, and 5-3 in the postseason. That equates to 68-52. Bottom line...we'll always ...

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