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Why Plaxico Burress Is a Moron, and the Media Knows Nothing About Guns!

Article By on 28th June, 2009

... himself in the leg.

Plaxico stated that he accidentally shot himself in the leg.

If you have never fired/owned a gun, let me tell you why this is complete nonsense, and why the media should do their homework before writing articles about guns.

Plaxico shot himself with a Glock 9mm. The Glock 9mm is unlike most guns/rifles because it doesn't have the typical safety switch, which, when pushed in, locks the trigger so that the gun cannot be fired. Instead, the Glock uses an unusual three-safety system: 1) the trigger safety, 2) the firing pin safety, and 3) the drop safety. The only way a Glock handgun will fire is if there is a bullet in the chamber and the trigger is pulled fully to the rear.

Regardless of what...

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