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Why No NFL Team Will (Or Should) Pick Up Vick

Article By on 18th June, 2009

... Albany Firebirds, issued a press release offering a job to Michael Vick for the league standard of $200/week, plus a $50 bonus for each win, with Vick promising $100,000 to a local shelter.

It was mostly a publicity stunt put out by a struggling Arena Football 2 team. The significance of the story is that the public backlash against this was so swift the team's owner was forced to come out the next day and deny any knowledge or approval of the deal.

So basically a stunt by a tiny and completely insignificant sports team in a fairly small town prompted a very significant outcry. What does this mean then for any NFL team looking to give Vick a shot? It's not worth it.

If we thought the circus that surrounded Favre at the Jets'...

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