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Why Jay Cutler Will Fall Flat on His Face in Chicago

Article By on 13th July, 2009

... got his wish, and the blockbuster trade to the Chicago Bears commenced. Chicago now has their first "franchise" QB since Jim McMahon was taking them to the Super Bowl once upon a 1985.

I still don't understand the reasoning behind labeling Cutler a franchise QB when he has a losing record as a starter (17-20) and has exactly zero playoff appearances. What makes me smirk is that the Broncos not only made out with three high draft choices, they also get a QB who is 21-12 as a starter, who proved he can win, in Kyle Orton.

Cutler, say goodbye to your young, stud offensive line who only gave up 11 sacks in 2008. Say goodbye to that magical running game they brewed up there in the Mile High City, now headlined by rookie RB Knowshon More...

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