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Where Did The Good Guys Go? Tedy Bruschi Was Last of a Dwindling Breed

Article By on 22nd September, 2009

... Stallworth. Chad Ochocinco. What do all these players have in common?

Well, there are actually two things. For one, they are some of the NFL’s biggest and most recognizable names. Secondly, all of these players carry significant baggage.

For those who are unaware, “baggage” denotes that a player brings negative characteristics to a clubhouse. Owens is notorious for tearing apart locker rooms. Ochocinco is the poster child for prima donnas. Jones, Vick, and Stallworth have all been convicted of heinous crimes and have seen the inside of a jail cell at least once.

The NFL is an elite group. Some of the finest athletes in the world are paid an average salary of $1.25 million a year to play a game. Unfortunat...

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