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What If…Would Brett Favre Improve the Minnesota Vikings?

Article By on 7th July, 2009

... fan—a Packers shareholder, in fact. I don't like talking about this story, which seems to be equal parts bizarre, "goofy," pointlessly vindictive, and petty.

As a fan, I've moved on. I guess that is what he wants me to do. I try not to think about the situation or "the player." It's a story that I personally wish would go away, yet it is more prevalent than any story in sports.

I am also a professional spokesperson for a computer, so it does not matter what I think—just what the computer thinks.

The computer can definitively and without bias answer the question, "What would/will Brett Favre mean to the Minnesota Vikings?"

The answer: not much. The Minnesota Vikings mean a lot more to Brett Favre than Favre ...

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