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What Has Happened? A Letter to My Once Beloved 49ers

Article By on 13th July, 2009

... quiet as of late, not bullying the your peers like you once did. And to be honest, I cannot stand it. You were once the Mighty Niners, beloved by fans because of your incredible Quarterbacks and talented Wide Receivers.

But now, the bully lies dormant.

Perhaps you are waiting to rebuild the strength that seemed to be sucked from you during your follies with those Packers, who brought you down three horrifying times in a row.

Perhaps you have matured and no longer want to bully teams in the NFC West, but instead want to be quiet, calming.

Perhaps you have finally reached your mid-life crisis, and have sudden back aches and fatigue for no apparent reason.

Perhaps your doctors have not been consistent enough with the...

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