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The Worst Talking Heads In Sports

Article By on 10th August, 2009

... channels and a 24-hour radio station. They do employ most of the worst talking heads in sports, but that is due to the volume of their staff.

Skip Bayless, whose head you see at the top of this article, is a painfully average analyst with an assortment of unique takes.

He is so far out in left-field with a lot of his takes that his main forum, ESPN2's First Take, actually created a way to slam Skip on their website.

Skip Bayless has to do the most talking on this list simply because he is always defending his stance on people like LeBron James and Tiger Woods. Recently he called Hank Aaron "wrong-headed." A clear case of the pot calling out the kettle.

Chuck Booms was a rare miss employed by Fox Sports Radio.&n...

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