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The Top 10 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Article By on 1st July, 2009

... is all but over---well, excluding the inevitable horrendous Mike Dunleavy signing. This can only mean one thing. . . . Criminally audacious fantasy football previews bordering on a ethereal indulgence to stupidity. More bad picks than any Clippers GM could possibly make in a lifetime. (4 sentences and already 2 Clippers references. I still have the magic!) "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you smartest of all"--Socrates It is because of the above quote that I have such a solipsistic outlook on my fantasy knowledge compared to the infinite 20 something college kids who think they know everything. It's all a guessing game. I can't predict a a future that doesn't exist. I don't know who is going to get hur...

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