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The Razors Edge: Will The NFLPA and the NFL Cook the Golden Goose?

Article By on 19th June, 2009

... the league and players association are posturing and snorting and raking their cloven hooves on the ground in a testosterone-fueled display of ill-advised risk taking.

Both the players and the league need to be very careful about letting the CBA expire without a new deal. Players negotiating on their own will never end up with 60 percent of gross league revenue in total team salaries they're currently getting from the owners. And the league will never make up the revenues lost to a work stoppage.

The real issue is will the fans ever forgive either party for a strike/lockout?


Some folks to this day have not forgiven Major League Baseball for a cancelled World Series—lost to the greed of 800-900 guys who co...

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