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The Pats and Personnel: Why Vince Wilfork Could Be a Problem

Article By on 21st June, 2009

... are extremely hard to come by. The big men play an integral role in stopping the run and tying up blockers, sacrificing individual accomplishment for overall team success.

That's why all of New England sat up and took notice when Vince Wilfork skipped OTAs over a contract dispute.

Luckily, the problem has resolved itself (Wilfork showed to the mandatory three-day minicamp), but this situation got me thinking about the dangerous game the Patriots play with personnel.

The advent of the salary-cap caused a huge re-alignment in the NFL. High-spending teams could once secure a core of talented players for their entire careers. Now, teams can no longer afford to retain the services of players who are past their primes.

The cap...

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