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The Oakland Raiders May Finally Be Getting Rid Of Terdell Sands

Article By on 13th August, 2009

... the Raiders recently released may have a few questions.

One question I asked myself was: Where is Teredell Sands?

He isn't even listed on the roster.

Thank God.

This comes as a surprise to some because Sands was expected to remain on the roster, splitting time at nose with Gerrard Warren. And because Sands fits two out of three of Al Davis's infamous drafting criteria of "HWS" (height, weight, speed), many suspected the old man would have a say in keeping him.

At 6'7'', 335+ pounds, and often overweight, this D-tackle has been nicknamed "Turtle" Sands, the turd, and numerous other nicknames involving expletives.

Due to his lack of conditioning, sub-par play, and character issues, he is often out-matched o...

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