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The Chiefs: What Would Have Been If Carl and Herman Had Stayed?

Article By on 8th July, 2009

... Chiefs would be like right now if Carl Peterson and Herman Edwards stayed on another year? Well, you are not alone. The obvious answer is that none of us have any way of knowing.

But we can always speculate. Speculation and attempted rationalization makes up the core substance and fabric in all fans.

Now where do we start? I guess the best way to proceed is by questions, the proverbial "what ifs".

#1- Free Agency

Well, ets eliminate almost all moves made in this new Scott Pioli era. No Matt Cassel, Mike Vrabel, Zach Thomas, Bobby Engram, Mike Brown, or any other "old timers". The lone exception may have been Terrance Copper. Peterson would have never thought to offer a trade for Cassel unless New E...

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