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The Case for Changing the NFL Draft: The Consumate Loser, Ryan Leaf

Article By on 19th June, 2009

... shock some.

There has been plenty of talk about the ballooning salaries for rookie players that have become a detriment to veteran players that deserve the reward.

In my mind, the biggest examples for why the NFL Draft should be fundamentally and drastically changed are quite simple: Ryan Leaf, Heath Shuler, Todd Marinovich, and Tony Mandarich.

When you think about it, all that an immoral player would have to do in order to cash-in with the NFL Draft is to shoot steroids in college where testing is easier, get selected in the first or second round, and then take the money and run. Then they're set for life.

That might seem like a quaint idea to those with minimal ethics, but as an NFL fan, I wouldn't want the ...

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