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The Atlanta Falcons’ Defense: The Predator Will Shut You Down

Article By on 17th June, 2009

... />The Shark—the predator of the sea.
John Abraham—the predator of the NFL.

The Predator found his pray 16.5 times in '08, more than any defensive end in the NFL. He uses size and elite speed to crush unsuspecting quarterbacks.

Abraham gets doubled teamed all the time and still breaks free. Jamaal Anderson is blocked one-on-one all the time, but still only has two sacks in 31 career starts.

Rookie Peria Jerry will look to take some pressure off the 'Pred. Jerry is a big DT that can plug up the middle and cause teams to go one-on-one with the 'Pred. This could result in the 'Pred getting 20 sacks and maybe a damn Pro Bowl selection.

Linebackers Mike Peterson, Coy Wire, and second-year stud Curtis Lo...

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