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Steve McNair Is Dead: Lower Your Voice an Octave

Article By on 7th July, 2009

... dies, ESPN anchors must lower voices, somber music plays with a photo of now deceased athlete with birth and death year dates.

TV Anchors speak in hushed tones, pretend to be grieving, and then trot out all the "he said, she saids" as reported by some other "news" source and, therefore, we can quote it legally as long as we mention it was FIRST brought up by that media, NOT, in any way, shape or form, by us.

"Us" are too way too cool for that: we just reach for our "someone got killed today so we have to use our "hush" voices and find some somber music and his stats."

Until, of course, 12 or 18 hours pass, we get the salacious and exceedingly juicy details from local newspapers or national celebrity gossip sites, and then we c...

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