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Rivalry: The Eagles & How To Win an Argument With a Cowboy Fan

Article By on 8th July, 2009

... now, I have had to defend my favorite football team against Cowboys fans trying to put the Eagles down.

The first time this happened I wasn't very educated on some of the Eagles stats, so I had to retreat and regroup.

So here is what I came up with, if you ever get in an argument with one of these rivals of ours, to be able to win this argument, and continue on your way with a swag in your step.

After all, this is war.


A Cowboys fan's stereotypical argument:

The Philadelphia Eagles Suck.

They are bad at everything.

Donovan McNabb? Where's a doctor when you need one? He chokes in big games. Oh, well he's probably riding the wood now (the bench, not the other thing) like ...

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