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Rehab: Chicago Bears Fans Try To Work Through the Receiver Addiction

Article By on 3rd July, 2009

... Boldin!

The rumor mill was working overtime as people tried figuring out if Angelo could pull the trigger on a deal. I questioned the Jay Cutler move when it was made because I was pressing so hard for the Cardinal wideout.

And the Boldin rumors were just the start. The gateway receiver. The thought of him made us feel happy and could allow us to relax at the thought of bringing in such a talent. 

But it never happened. A draft day trade offer was reviewed and denied, and Boldin is still with the Cardinals.

But that was OK, because next came the pipedream known as Torry Holt. He made sense to us. He still has a couple good years left. All Torry would have to do is make the jump up Interstate 55 from St. L...

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