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Recognize the Face, But Not the Team: Players Holding on Too Long

Article By on 5th July, 2009

... Brett Favre over the years. Some of them are dumbfounded and even angry that he could even think about playing for another team. Some are concerned about how this will affect his legacy. This article has been written to put Favre fan's minds at ease and assure them that the majority of fans will forget that he ever played for another team and remember him solely as a Packer. The proof lies in NFL history. After searching for photos of these NFL stars with unfamiliar teams at the end of their career I have become even more convinced that Favre's recent antics will be forgotten in ten years. Honorable mention goes out to Johnny Unitas, Emmitt Smith, Andre Reed, Cris Carter, and Thurman Thomas. I wanted to include you in this list but got ...

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