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Recasting The Hangover

Article By on 24th June, 2009

... box office, I felt compelled to make a comparison of the characters to players on my team: the New York Giants. If you had not had the chance to go see this masterpiece, stop wasting your time reading this article and GO SEE IT. Don't bring your kids, though, it's rated R for a reason. I tend to draw comparisons to other comedies when I go see a movie of this caliber, and I compared this one to Wedding Crashers, which I saw six times in the theatres (I only payed for it once). I have seen this movie three times already, and I would gladly see it again. If you need some idea as to what type of movie you can expect, the director also was behind the scenes of little movies such as "Road Trip", ":Old School", "School for Scoundrels", and "Starsky...

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