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Recalling The Iced Kicker Game And Sebastian Janikowski

Article By on 10th July, 2009

... this day a trend began during a 23-20 loss in overtime by the Oakland Raiders to the Denver Broncos. Denver coach, Mike Shanahan, used timeouts to "ice" Oakland's kicker, Sebastian Janikowski.

That resulted in the negation of a FG and then a miss on the second try.  Teams followed that trend throughout the 2007 NFL Season—including the Oakland Raiders a week later against the Cleveland Browns.

The idea of "icing the kicker" had been around before the 2007 season, but never to the degree that teams used it in the 2007 NFL Season.

Who could resist a bad joke about an iced Polack?

When Janikowski entered the league in 2000 as the Raiders first round pick, he was the punchline of every joke abo...

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