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Raiders’ Linebacker Kirk Morrison Needs To Step It Up

Article By on 2nd July, 2009

... from build up of Raider fans over the course of the past few years is Kirk Morrison.

A lot of fans love him, no matter how bad his instincts and tackling on the football field have been. Morrison has been a Raider fan his whole life and acts professional off the field when talking with the media or being brought in studio for an interview.

He did well the other day when he was egged on by Keshawn Johnson on Rome is Burning, (filling in) to say the Raiders' draft picks were bad, but Morrison kept his cool and reminded "Meshawn" that a guy such as himself who was a former third round pick has proved his worth in the NFL, so guys like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Mike Mitchell can do the same.



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