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Philadelphia Eagles Hype: Is It Warranted?

Article By on 16th July, 2009

... Every year around this time, everyone is crowning that one "chick" pick when it's still sexy.

You know what I'm talking about.

That one team nobody else is talking about yet (and for good reason) that will make you look like a genius when they hoist the Lombardi Trophy in Dolphin Stadium next February 7th.

Why? Because you called it before anyone else could even name five starters on the roster.

It's a safe bet, because even when said franchise fails to win six games and plays musical head coaches before the playoffs are even over, you tell your friends "What you thought I was serious?"

But on the other hand, if some way, some how...

It's like taking those 50-1 odds on a horse named Mind That Bird, except y...

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