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NFL Week-in-Review: A Few Quick Hits on This Week’s Headlines

Article By on 20th June, 2009

... its only June, but hey, the football-starved fans who no longer have basketball or hockey to distract them are practically rabid for news (why else would so many be following every NFL-associated person's twitter page?)

We'll start off with a little of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

He's working on his rehab, he'll have a better idea by Monday whether or not he can still throw better than the High School kids he practices with. I feel like we are repeating last year all over again, and I don't want to hear another word about the quarterback.

If he keeps up this "I'm retiring" then "I feel I have another season in me" routine, he's going t end up the biggest joke in the NFL, tarnishing his Hall of Fame career. Yes, he will...

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