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NFL: The Preseason Worth Watching: Can Jags Rookies Pay Dividents?

Article By on 17th July, 2009

... afternoon, I slowly rot from the lack of quality sports entertainment.  As a football and lacrosse player, its bad when the most sports entertainment that I can find is the US Soccer Team.  Then I remember that it is not far away from football season.  August is when the real pads come out, august is when the fun begins and we can awake from this hibernation that I have lived in ever since the end of january as my hopes were crushed as Santonio Holmes fell gracefully in the endzone defeating destiny itself.  You can almost smell the scent of the pigskin now.

The scent of a poor 2008 campaign by the Jacksonville Jaguars still reeks, but the hope of the new life is slowly taking over.  When I saw that Jarrett Dilla...

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