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NFL QB Comparisons, Pt. 1: Can Matthew Stafford Live Up to Matt Ryan’s Success?

Article By on 30th June, 2009

... would you want the weight of changing the only 0-16 franchise into a winning one?

If you were Mark Sanchez, would you want the daunting task of not only filling in where Brett Favre left off, but also try to do it with a group of receivers who haven't even established themselves yet at the pro level?

Take a moment; I'll wait.

Last year, the bar was set for rookie quarterbacks coming into the NFL thanks to Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco—play like veterans from the get go, or enjoy the bench.

In this Pt. 1 of a two-part series, we will look at the two first-round draft picks, and compare them to the last two first-round picks from last year; are th...

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