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My Dad, Myself, and Sports

Article By on 20th June, 2009

... I can remember my first exposure to baseball being through baseball cards, and the putrid 1988 Atlanta Braves. My first exposure to my beloved UT Vols was right around the same time. They happened to be awful in 1988 as well.

I can remember cheering for Michael Jordan in 1989 with the Chicago Bulls. I was a big time fan of the 49ers and Joe Montana as well. Dale Murphy was the man on the diamond, and it was all about Chuck Webb for the Vols.

Sure, there was a time of being a frontrunner, or a fairweather fan, but I was six-years-old, so it was allowed. And I figure with the Braves being so awful back then I deserved to pull for a real winner.

Of all those names and teams one thing will always stick out in my mind about...

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