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My Conspiracy Theory About Rush Limbaugh and Race (Introduction)

Article By on 11th July, 2009

... brain a few hours ago.

I say "made contact" because the thought didn't simply pop into my head.

Rather, it crashed into my cranium.

I haven't really had time to process all the information, so I'm presenting this theory in two parts, plus this intro.

And no, haters, I'm not just whoring for attention (well maybe a little, *hint hint wink wink*).

In this article, I will be discussing my political viewpoints. If you are hardcore conservative, you probably won't like it.

But I'm trying to keep it in the spirit of Obama's campaign: change and compromise. That's how I approach political discussions, but few people can discuss politics with a level head.

People of both parties get so, oh, what's the word ...

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